Founded in 2021, Highborn Leather is a US based leather designing and manufacturing company run by a US ARMY veteran Ted Leaman and his partner Giovanni Bastone. 

With a passion for high quality leather products, we recognized that there is a large gap between high end leather products that are found in Europe and the highly popular "Western" or "American" style leather products. So we have set out to bridge that gap and deliver European quality and design with good ol' fashioned American passion and tenacity. 

Giovanni and Ted have been working in the Leather industry together for more than a year, with about 10 years of leather working experience before that. Working on commissioned pieces together, they decided to create Highborn Leather, LLC and introduce themselves to the world. 

They combine both modern and traditional leather crafting techniques to create functional, daily use, works of art. 

From hand selecting the full grain leather that is used in the products to carefully measuring and mixing leather dyes to achieve rich, bold colors, they thrive in the hands-on day-to-day design and production of their works. 

They are constantly innovating, adapting their methods and searching for superior products to turn into magnificent works that you will be delighted to show off to your co-workers, friends, and family.